Monday, August 8, 2016

AlWaysOn Availability Group - Create New Availability Group Error - Checking for compatibility of the database file location on the Server Instance that hosts secondary replica (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.HadrModel)

This is one of common error message While Creating a New Availability Group   Here is full error I received when I attempted to Create a New Availability Group.

Here is my environment

OS - Windows Server 2012 R2
SQL Server - SQL 2016 Enterprise Edition ( The same solution will solve for SQL 2014/2012 too)
Primary Server - SQLAG01
Secondary Server - SQLAG02

We used ‘Full’ option in Select Initial Data Synchronization Page.  The error says Primary replica is trying to search for data folder location in secondary and as a result they don’t match, and failed.

If you have choosen Full option  You have to create same file location on both the instances
e,g: Create Same Data path on both instances.

Data Path on SQLAG01 -  "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL  Server\MSSQL13.SQLAG01\MSSQL\DATA\"
Data Path on SQLAG02- "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL  Server\MSSQL13.SQLAG01\MSSQL\DATA\"

other wise choose other options for Initial Data synchronization ' Join Only' and manually restore the database on secondary


  1. Awesome, helped me in resolving above issue..

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