Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The permissions granted to user 'domain\username' are insufficient for performing this operation. (rsAccessDenied) SQL Server Report Server (SSRS)

Reporting Services uses role-based security to grant user access to a report server. On a new report server installation, only users who are members of the local Administrators group have permissions to report server content and operations. To make the report server available to other users, you must create role assignments that map  user or group accounts to a predefined role that specifies a collection of tasks.
Verify that sufficient permissions have been granted and windows user account control (uac) restrictions have been addressed
It is an insufficient  privilege for current user you are running the report, give that user a privilege to run report / report folders
Start Internet Explorer As "Run as Administrator"
Open Your Report Server URL (http://'ServerName'/'ReportFolder')
Go to Site Settings
in Sufficient Previleges0
Security->New Role Assignment
in Sufficient Previleges00
Step 2
Go to Folder Settings
in Sufficient Previlegessql201400
Security->New Role Assignment
in Sufficient Previleges2
Check the Report URL

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